Need help?

Do you have questions and doubts about any of the following: – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, your first Check Test or ongoing Check Tests, your Fleet Check Test, the new Standards Check, the DSA Marking Sheets or Independent Driving, Minibus Training and tests, B+E training and tests and so on……..

If the answer is yes to any (or all) of the above then I am here to help. 

You don’t have to join anything to get the answers you are looking for. They don’t come free either, I am after all one of you and am in business for the same reasons as you. 

My fees are reasonable, we start with a free consult of about 30 minutes by Skype, Face Time, or on the phone then if we need to get together I work on a half day basis maximum of three hours from my base in Northamptonshire. Should there be a few of you looking for training I can travel and there will be a further charge for that.

On my front-page I state that there are many forums available to ADI’s and PDI’s all of which offer advice and opinions which vary. Whilst these are excellent and stimulate discussion you may find it difficult to find the correct answer within the mass of information.

My aim is to give you the correct answers to your questions, in a straight forward, plain speaking format and if I don’t know the answer (I don’t pretend to know it all!) I will carry out research and find the answer for you. I will point you in the correct direction and supply links to sites etc.

All questions asked will be posted in the Q’s and A’s pages and will be completely anonymous for your protection.
I don’t get involved in arguments between you and other companies, organisations or agencies or give advice on personal issues.



  • Why ADI Advice

    Well there is a need for a place to go when you need some advice, the advice you will be given will be impartial and strictly confidential.